Maybe you saw "Killer Robots", "Battlebots", or "RobotWars" when they were on TV. Or maybe you saw robot fighting videos on youtube. Maybe you were lucky enough to see an robot competition live. Regardless of how you found out about fighting robots, if you are interested in competing here is some of the basics of what it is about.


Fighting robots, sometimes called combat robotics, is a for of competition where (usually) two radio controlled robots (or "bots") are put into an enclosed arena and fight.

The exact requirements to win can vary from event to event, but usually there are two ways to win. #1 - Disable, or knock-out the opposing robot. Usually that means making it so they can no longer move in the arena. #2 - Get a judges decision. If a match   goes the whole allotted time (usually 3 minutes) without one bot knocking the other out then a panel of judge who watched the fight will decide the winner. The judges base their decision on who they felt did more damage and who demonstrated more control over their opponents.

There are a lot of rules that you will have to familiarize yourself with (See the rules section). A lot of them have to do with safety, but some of them are for fairness or to ensure a fun competition for the participants. The 

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